7th Cambridge Symposium on

Nucleic Acids Chemistry and Biology


Queens' College, Cambridge, UK
Sunday-Wednesday, 3rd-6th September 2017



An international, residential meeting to be held at historic Queens' College in the heart of Cambridge with on-site accommodation and excellent auditorium, poster and exhibition areas. This is the 7th in a popular conference series going back to 1981 that brings together nucleic acids scientists across a broad area but with particular emphasis on chemistry and biochemistry.


Subject Areas

Nucleic Acids as therapeutics
(including antisense, RNAi, aptamers, immune recognition, cell delivery)

RNA and DNA structures, their complexes and drug targets
(duplexes, quadruplexes, RNA and DNA enzymes, riboswitches, protein complexes + assemblies)

Nucleic acids chemistry applied to cells and cell mechanisms
(genomes, evolution, repair, cell manipulation)

Nucleic acids as tools, assemblies and reagents
(nanostructures, cages, labels, arrays)


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